The Center conducts research on the healthcare workforce specifically focused on addressing issues of health workforce supply, workforce education and training requirements, changes in the demographic composition of the health workforce, workforce demand, economic and employment trends and forecasts, and alternative models of care.

Examples of research questions of interest to the Center include:

  1. How should and how can we develop and deploy the health care workforce for the 21st century?
  2. What set of skills will be needed, by whom, and how will we teach and prepare doctors, nurses and other clinicians for the future?
  3. Can better teamwork, better communication systems, re-engineered processes and systems, and more interdisciplinary practice lead to care that is more timely, patient-centered, effective, efficient, equitable and safer?
  4. How do we get current and future nurses, doctors, administrators, and the myriad of workers to work together more effectively in organizations that provide health care?